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Spirito! Singers

Dear Friends,

On October 6th, we’ll be riding on The Carousel of Possible Dreams at the Sanfilippo Estate in Barrington Hills, IL, to help Spirito! with our Possible Dream - to raise $40,000 for music education/training for 100 of our Ragazze Singers for a year. We really need your help.

Spirito! starts formal music training in the Ragazze Ensemble, 5th to 8th grade girls. These girls and the Spirito! staff put in alot of planning, hard work, and practice and these young singers make incredible progress each and every season. Spirito! operates out of 3 sites for our younger Ragazze Ensembles, offering comprehensive 6-level music theory education along with choral training. By hiring talented instructors, conductors, accompanists and managers, our rehearsals are extremely valuable and our instruction effective.

Would you like to join our fundraising team? Our suggested fundraising goal for team members is $1,000, but your fundraising effort in any amount is deeply appreciated.

I've taken on the challenge of finding donors to sponsor my ride on the beautiful Carousel at the Sanfilippo Estate and help Team Spirito! raise critical resources that'll help us develop confident, compassionate young women -- and create stunning music in the process.  With your support, our team can do it! 

I'm grateful for your help. Together, we can reach our goal and support the music education program that so greatly benefits our Ragazze Singers. 

Thanks so much.

Mary Jean
Team Spirito! Leader


Festival of Children Foundation is the fiscal sponsor of this event.

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