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Sandy and John Boehner



NCAM brings diverse charitable organizations together for a common goal.
Under the umbrella of National Child Awareness Month, a wide array of organizations can set aside
their individual agendas to focus on the bigger picture of children in America today, and what is being done to address their growing challenges and needs.

NCAM provides a national platform that sparks discussion and debate.
National Child Awareness Month will impact the national agenda by putting the issues that affect children at the front and center, bringing new volunteers, contributions, thinking and energy to these
important causes.

NCAM brings the nation’s focus back to our children.
Our nation’s attention has been diverted away from the one resource that guarantees greatness in the future – our children. NCAM will help redirect needed attention back to children.

“Our children are our nation’s greatest resource and our future. By uniting under one platform, we can redirect our country’s focus on their needs and dreams, and inspire all of us to find even just one day in September to give or support a children’s dream.”  – Sandy Segerstrom Daniels

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