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NCAM Youth Ambassador Program

The National Child Awareness Month Youth Ambassador Program was a three year collaboration with Festival of Children Foundation and Youth Service America. Each year, a Youth Ambassador from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. has been selected, trained, and commissioned to raise awareness for children's charities and create projects that help solve critical issues facing their community.


NCAM Talent Challenge

Festival of Children Foundation partnered with, an innovative social media platform, and launched the NCAM Talent Challenge in 2016. The campaign is a call to action during National Child Awareness Month for the public to raise awareness of their favorite children’s charity in a fun and relevant way.

Everyone was invited to create a short video of their special talent, upload it to, call out their favorite children’s charity and challenge two or more friends to do the same. Festival of Children Foundation incentivized participation with challenge grants to the charities that get the most visibility during the campaign.

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