Improving the Lives of Children

By strengthening the charities that serve them

Who We Are


Festival of Children Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to improve the lives of children by strengthening the charities that serve them.  The organization was founded in 2003 by Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, a leading business professional and children’s advocate who saw an opportunity to bring charities together to collaborate.

100% of our administrative costs are covered by committed funding, allowing donations to go further in direct support of programs and services that improve the lives of children.  We currently serve over 450 member organizations nationwide that support an endless number of causes, from cancer research to arts programs for children.

The Need

There is a network of charities, businesses and individuals who serve to improve the lives of children. Through this network, charities share ideas, businesses make resources available, and ordinary people lend a helping hand. To remain vibrant, this network needs care and support.

Festival of Children Foundation exists to strengthen this network by providing much needed programs and services to its members, helping corporations and individuals find those opportunities where their efforts can make the most impact, and by shining the power of our spotlight on the issues that affect children in America today.

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