Three Pillars

Improving the Lives of Children

By strengthening the charities that serve them

How We Help


We strengthen the network 

 The power of our organization lies in our ability to bring charities, companies, organizations and individuals together and use the strength of our numbers to affect change.
We encourage our members to collaborate. We champion their causes as our own. We provide them with resources, tools and support. We give them access to information, seminars and reference materials.

We increase the efficiency of our dollars by investing in programs and services that can be accessed again and again.

We raise awareness

We shine a spotlight on the most critical issues facing children today and help our members to better address them by engaging the general public.
We amplify and focus the voices of our members, partners and affiliates in order to rise above the noise and make a difference.
On a national level, we impact the discussion and the agenda by working to propel children’s issues into the spotlight. On a local level, we create exciting opportunities for the general public to get involved.

We provide financial support

We connect those with the vision to improve the lives of children to those with the resources to make it happen.

Festival of Children Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity. 100% of the administrative costs are covered by committed funding, allowing donations to go further in direct support of programs and services that improve the lives of children.
We identify, fund and follow initiatives that make the greatest impact - with an eye towards those which bring our members together collaboratively. We reach out to our corporate, individual and foundation partners and ask them to bring their own resources to the table.


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